Asus HD6850 and PSU question

This might be a dumb question but I could not find an answer.

I bought a Sapphire HD6850 and used a 380w Antec psu to power it and the next day my pc wouldn't turn on anymore. Turns out if the 6pin was connected to the vid card, the pc wouldn't power up at all but when i unplug it, then there's no prob. I'm assuming the video card is useless now that the pc wouldnt do anything at all as long as the 6pin is connected.

So, I went ahead and bought this to replace my 380 hoping to avoid anymore probs.

A guy on craigslist is offering the Asus HD6850 for pretty cheap. The difference between the two cards is that the Asus requires a 6 pin and 8 pin. My new psu has both but on one wire (rail?). Is it safe to plug in both of them into this Asus or should i just plug in the 8pin and then use a 6pin molex adapter for the other plug so they can be on separate wires?

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  1. It's safe.
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    I am running a Sapphire HD6850 off a Neo Eco 400. Its perfectly safe, but its odd that an HD 6850 needs both an 8-pin and 6-pin. The 6850 is not a power hungry card at all, it usually needs only 1 6-pin or at most 2 6-pins.

    And if this is the same card: it only requires 2 6-pins. And you are perfectly fine to run them both from 1 rail.
  3. thanks guys
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