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I was setting up dual monitors from my laptop to my flat screen tv and when i first connected it i got a pop up with all the settings. i accidentally made it so my flat screen was my primary and my laptop was me secondary. which isn't what i wanted at all. I went into personalize where you change the monitors so they are aligned and i can't set my laptop as the primary there, ive tried. Im using a vista laptop and a Vizio LCDTV. if anyone could please help, i would much appreciate it.

I made a thread about this not long ago, but i forgot about it ,and it got locked. I also have no idea where to post this thread, feel free to move it.
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  1. Typically if you just unplug your TV it will reset and put the laptop screen as number 1, have you tried that?
  2. Yep, i have tried that, but it won't allow me to set my tv as 2
  3. What kind of graphic card do you have? AMD/ATI, Nvidia, or Intel? I assume AMD from the section? You can try changing it from within Catalyst.
  4. AMD is Correct, but i have no idea what to do and i don't want to play around with it and try to figure out what to do and mess something up.
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    Right click on the desktop and there should be a link to Catalyst Control Center. Open it up and go to Desktop Properties to try to fix it.
  6. YES!!! thank you so much! i managed to fix it by going into advanced settings and the display manager. Thank you so much. :D
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  8. Glad I could be of assistance :)
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