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  1. 1.what is your budget 2.what brand is your psu 3.way to much spent on mother board again budget
  2. Your build looks good. Why choose th radeon 5770? I would invest in something like this is you are gaming:

    EVGA 012-P3-2078-KR GeForce GTX 560 Ti $299

    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB $299
  3. I already have the radeon 5770 in my old computer so for the time being (2-3 months) ill be using that.
  4. what is your budget!
  5. Yea tells us your budget. and also all the parts you listed ARE compatible. Just know a 5770 isn't the top dog of the mid range gpu anymore.
  6. Well since im reusing my Power supply, Graphics card, and optical supply. Without the OS my budget is around 700-900 dollars.

    Obviously I'd prefer less expensive so i could put the money toward the Graphic card.
  7. psu brand please
  8. Its a Corsair 650w Power supply.

    I can switch out for that Case and Ram, what is the diference in the Motherboard and what does Low profile desktop for the ram mean.
  9. ok your psu is good im just checking because if you had a bad psu you would want to upgrade it to
  10. you overspent in the mobo so i picked that one out its just as good and cheaper and low profile means its not so tall so it wont mess with your cpu cooler which i suggested the hyper 212+ its a great cooler for the $
  11. So if I use all of your suggestions is it still just as easy to upgrade from the mobo you suggested rather from the one that I picked out?
  12. as easy to upgrade? a mobo is a mobo they're mostly the same but they're just the same except in size and abilitys
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