Need to upgrade Video Card but..

So I need to upgrade my video card, currently I am using Radeon HD 4830(512mb) and newer games are starting to get where I can only run them on low/medium plus I upgraded to windows 7 so Aero is taking some of that..

I have looked at this video card that some friends told me about but I am not sure if it will be compatible.

My rig:
Gigabyte GA-MA-770-UD3(rev 1.0) Mobo
3 GB Gskill DDR2 800 ram
AMD Athlon x64 5200+ 2.80ghz Dual core(Brisbane)
500 OR 550 PSU, not sure on brand..has lasted 4 years tho..its 500 something can't remember if 550 or 500 tho..

The PCI-E slots are x16 2.0 I believe

The card I am considering:

Says minimum of 500W PSU..but GDDR5? Will that be compatible/have anything to do with it?
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  1. The 6870 you linked would be fully compatable with your computer. The GDDR5 is the memory type. GDDR5 stands for Graphics Double Data Rate series 5.
  2. It will work and should have no issues. If you want to be extra sure, take a look at the psu sticker and see how much amps is on the +12v rail. I'm sure it's enough though. Gddr5 is the vram and only interacts with the gpu itself so is irrelevant to compatibility.
  3. What games are you looking to play and what resolution? An HD6870 is a mighty fine card, but many games today require 1+GB of RAM by themselves. Do you have Windows 7 64-bit? If you do, I would upgrade to at least 4GB, and I would recommend 6.
  4. As k1114 mentioned, I'd check to make sure what brand and model the PSU is. Better safe than sorry.
  5. I have a 6870 and love it, runs nice and cool and plays every game that has come out on high and ultra. Not sure how much longer that will be the case but as the price continues to drop I will probably jsut get a second to hold me over before I upgrade again.

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