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Please help need to order new CPU today

Hello, I'm hoping to get some advice on which processor to order today. I'm stuck between the AMD A10-5800K and the Intel i3-3220, which are both selling for $120. I basically use my computer for light gaming and the usual word processing/web surfing/streaming video/etc. The games I play aren't the most graphically demanding, currently WoW and Empire: Total War. I already own a Radeon HD 6570, and so will be pairing the CPU with this GPU. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. One is AMD and one is Intel with different socket types. What do you currently have (System specs). Are you buying a new Motherboard too?
  2. Yes, I'll be buying a new MB as well... since my current MB is AM3 (X3 720). My memory is 4GB RAM 1600, what other information should I specify?
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    I was about to recommend AMD, but surprisingly the i3-3220 according to Anandtech beats the A10-5800K in all game benchmarks.

    I thought the TW series was CPU dependent, but a guy on the TW forums benchmarked it with a 2600K and tested with several combinations of cores disabled, and while loading was quicker or slower, performance never really changed but by 2-3 fps.

    Although with the AMD you can use the Hybrid Crossfire, Tom's even shows the benefits with and without and onboard.
  4. Upgrade your video card (and PSU if necessary)

    At what clocks are your 720BE???

    (CPU and IMC/NB)
  5. Yeah, I'd like to upgrade the GPU at some point... but can't afford to right now, so that'll have to wait. OC'ed the 720 to to a conservative 3.2 Ghz... nothing crazy.
  6. Forgot to mention... I have a slim micro atx case, so any future GPU's would have to be low profile, just like my 6570.
  7. Thanks Cliffro, so I guess the info I'd need to find is framerates with the i3-3220 and 6570... which I doubt I'll find, in order to compare with those crossfire rates.
  8. No offense, but I don't follow your logic.

    You don't have $$$ for a video upgrade, but you have $300 for a CPU/mobo and OS?

    An HD 7750 low profile would likely not need a PSU upgrade, and would be the card of choice for dual graphics for the Trinity APU (on FM2) successor, Kaveri, while increasing your frames 35%.

    For $125, or less?
  9. $300? Where'd you get that number? I'm going to spend around $175 for the processor and motherboard. Oh, too late on keeping the X3... cause I just sold it with the MB.
  10. What are you going to use for your OS ?
  11. Well, I already have Win 7 on one hard drive, and Linux Mint on another... so I've got that covered.
  12. So you are violating your ToS and license with MS ??
  13. How's that? I bought an OEM copy when I built my computer... upgrading your cpu violates ToS?
  14. Yes, as I recall, for windows 7 OEM, it pretty much married to the Motherboard.
  15. Oh well, that can wait... I mostly use Mint anyway... needed Win 7 for Steam (Total War)... guess I'll just wait til Steam on Linux comes out of Beta.
  16. I think MS changed that for Win 8, but the full retail version of win 7 you can put on another pc as long as you take it off the old pc first.
  17. it is a stupid system, tbh. why not tie the code to the drive with the os on it...
  18. The code is not tied. The product Key is. If you try to activate it again on a new system, Microsoft will get angry.
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