CPU or GPU problem.

I think my E8400 is really slowing the rest of my system down, but I want to make sure it's not a busted graphics card which is causing a problem before I put down some cash on a new system.

My rig is Core2Duo E8400 @ 3.6Ghz
4Gb 800Mhz OCZ Gold Ram
HIS HD7950 @ 920Mhz/1250Mhz
Corsair 550W PSU

I've been playing FarCry3 and the new Hitman game and getting pretty awful frame rates (pretty much capped at 30 max) regardless of what settings I play at. I've been meaning to build a totally new PC for a while but have only got so far as buying the graphics card so far (hence the HD7950 in an otherwise old rig).

Essentially I'm stuck at 30fps whether I'm at 0xAA or 8xAA, the only way I can get a performance decrease is by increasing the number of things actually rendered on screen, then I dip down into the low 20s. Older games like TF2, CSS and Starcraft 2 run smooth so I'm guessing it's a massive CPU bottleneck in newer games, and that Core2Duos just can't cut it for gaming anymore?

If so what do you think is a good upgrade, an i5 3750 or 2500k? Or is it worth just holding on a few more months for Haswell?
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  1. I presume also that due to the 800MHZ RAM Speed, you are running DDR2 RAM? If so, the idea of building a new PC is a good one. In terms of 3570/2500K or Haswell, it depends on whether you can wait. If you are prepared and it is what you wish to do, wait for Haswell. If not, the 3570K is a very good CPU, my friend uses it with a HD7850 and 8GB of DDR3 RAM and gets between 40 and 55 fps on Ultra settings. Hope this helps with your issue!
  2. So, what's the verdict Flight?
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