System collapse?


A number of issues are occuring on my system. Not sure if they are related, but that is my hunch.

My processor is overheating - I cleaned the CPU fan and inside of my case.
Also, I noticed that there is a squeaky/high pitched noise coming from my computer as well. It is dependent on activity - open an application and it squeaks; idle and it is quiet.
My PSU fan is not spinning - just noticed this when I tried to restart.
In addition my general case fan is spinning slowly - slower than it would on the slow setting, and it is set on High.

My current system consists of:

Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard
Core 2 duo E6400 processor
ATI HD5670
8 GB g.skill ddr2-800 pc26400
Windows XP Pro
450 w psu

I have read on other forums that the high pitched sound could be a motherboard problem. There is clearly a PSU problem. my case fan might be related or maybe not, but it also seems my CPU fan might not be keeping up.

Any ideas of where to start?

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  1. I'd start with that PSU. What brand is it? If it's fan isn't spinning, you might want to replace that.

    Did you use some thermal compound on the CPU?
  2. yeah the psu is probably the problem and you should reaply the cpu thermal compund.

    also what is that computer used for? gaming? if so burn it :P
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