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Right now i have a i7-860 2.8GHZ, 8 GB RAM, ATI HD 5850 1 gb (motherboard is intel DP55WB). I want to upgrade it. So far as i gathered to change the processor i need to change the motherboard, so i was thinking more of a changing the graphics card.
I have asked this question about graphics card upgrade (in the Graphic & Displays section ) moments ago and now this :

So sitting and thinking and another friend comes in and says "i'll buy that at a high price stranger". He named his price and i can add and get something like this :
Intel® Core™ i7-3770K UNLOCKED 3.5~4.5Ghz („Ivy Bridge“) / Intel® Z77 / 8GB DDR3 1600MHZ / 2000GB SATA3.0(6GB) / AMD Radeon HD7850 2GB / USB3.0 / DVD+-RW / 120519 / MODECOM MC 620 CARBON power supply.
What you think and anything you would change? Perhaps get more powerfull power supply? Change the graphics card to 7950? or GTX670? I'd apreciate the input. The system above is about 775-800 £ and is intented more for gaming on 1920*1080 high and higher settings and perhaps for graphic programs in the future.
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  1. US prices for the 7950 put it just about $70-$80 below the GTX 670. Though it would be nice to get the GTX 670, to some that is a large difference. I would opt for the 7950 and try and get the best overclocking one. Now that you can remove the TDP cap on the cards, if I'm correct, I believe the 7950 can overclock better than the GTX 670, and afterwards perform better.

    The i7 3770K, I'd opt for the i5 3570K for gaming, save and they you'll have the money to go with the 7950. Frames is what is most important, not the glory of saying you have an i7.

    Which MB is that? If it's an Intel one swap it for the Asrock Extreme4 Z77. You'll definitely get a cheaper board with more features such as SLI/CF at 8x/8x. Plus I'm pretty sure the Asrock will OC better.
  2. Much appreciate.What about ower supply? 620 W will be enought or go for 750W?
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