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hi everyone ok heres the deal my pc specks

Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz

2048MB RAM

(brand new) XFX Radeon hd 6870 :)

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

okay so i wanted to get a gpu to (obviously) play some games so i got xfx 6870 and 550W cooler master (note psu is 2 days old gpu 7) everything was running fine until last night when my pc suddenly shut down and would not turn back on but my gpu was still getting power so i practically crapped my self thinking my mobo was dead then swapped out the new psu with the old 250W or something like that and it works again now my question is did i just get a faulty psu or did i do something wrong? now im spooked that my pc might break so now im thinking of taking everything back and waiting until i have more money to play with.

any help is appreciated so thanks in advance also sorry if i forgot something
this is my first post ever plus im sick as a dog also im a total noob sooo ya


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    Your power supply died; no harm done apparantly to the rest of the components. Here's a good replacement: newegg corsair 500w builder's series $50 less rebate (link broken) . Most power supplies have built in overload protection. You may rma the coolmax if it's still in warranty and sell the replacement. Good brands: corsair, antec, enermax, seasonic, ocz, xfx.
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  3. (sigh) ok thank you for your help thats good to know :D
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