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I am a vol firefighter we have a new dispatch system that shows who is responding thru the internet. We will be setting up a flat screen hooked to the computer. what im wondering is how to 1. wake up the computer with out going to the computer in the office and two how to wake up the flat screen so that it will be up when people get to the station. If you can help in any way i would be very apreciate it.

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  1. well you could change the Power Settings to 'Always On' for both computer and video, and disable the screen saver. this should keep the screens displaying all time.

    use the power button on the monitor to turn the screens on and off.

    don't think there is a way to wake up the computer without direct access to the computer.

    these settings will use more power since the computer and screens will not go into power save mode.
  2. In fact, some motherboard allow you to wake up the computer by hitting a key on the keyboard if you use a ps2 keyboard.
    You can check that option in the bios.

    For the monitor, I agree with Emerald.
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