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hello, so i just built my own comp and its been working good for about 2 weeks. but then one day it started to freak out, im not sure if im have issues with my CPU, but yet it still passes stability tests...or im having trouble with my ramm, but it still passes memtest86

basically my problem is that when im playing music or doing any thing it will be fine, but then for a little bit it will tweak out. such as it will stutter (if you will) the words of a song, or it jump moving moving objects (instead of being fluid)

ive been really stumped on this issue for quick a while...i do have the latest version of bios and i have been constintally changing the bios to see if its that or this that is causing the issue, really been stuck. also when im in windows (windows 8) i have gotten a notication before reporting bad voltage of something ive been trying to find a place in windows where i can look at the notification but i cant find it anywhere and it pops up and goes down too fast to then i looked into my power setting, everything reads find and i have enough watts for what im doing (630) according to all the manufactures...

also i thought it might have been my graphics too but i really dont see any issues with my graphics, and would graphics cards cause my music to "stutter"?

*sigh* someone help me lol

CPU:AMD fx-8150
ramm: F3-1866C10Q-32GSR G. Skill
PSU:Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W
graphics: MSI r7770 pmd1gd
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  1. If windows popped up a voltage message it would get recorded in the system log. Use event viewer the next time it pops up.
  2. Take out all except one RAM stick. If the problem remains, switch the one left in there for a different one.

    Let me know if the problem continues after the above is done.

    Also, what is it you are doing with this computer?

    To get to the event viewer, hit WINKEY + W and type EV, the option for event viewer should appear in the icons to the left.
  3. but it passed memtest86 tho... or can there be still more ramm issues?

    here some screenshots

    also i ran another stability test on the CPU just to double check and it crashed in the middle of it... but this is after resetting the bios

    thank you btw for helping me out
  4. memtest would need to be run overnight, not just 1 pass, to say if it really passed or not.
  5. If you reset the BIOS and your CPU can't get through a stability test, try disabling some modules in the BIOS and see if you can achieve stability.
  6. Raiddinn said:
    If you reset the BIOS and your CPU can't get through a stability test, try disabling some modules in the BIOS and see if you can achieve stability.

    thank you, im 98% sure this is the issue... also I think my CPU frequency, CPU multiplier, CPU voltage combo was just bad... I am fine tuning now tho. every time the CPU jumps up is when the "stuttering" happens so I think this would be the voltage? but it seems when I turn up the voltage I gain a little bit more stability (when the CPU usage spikes up, idle its fine), but the only thing with this is im turning up the voltage in AMD overdrive and its max is 1.4V, and in order to achieve full stability I think im gonna have to max this ok/normal?

    also should I tweak my NB voltage if im tweaking my CPU voltage?
  7. or just tweaking the CPU in general (sorry didn't mean to put "voltage" there)

    also I think im gonna have to invest in a better CPU cooler the stock one really isn't cutting it any that I turned it up its idling a 50C (even with it being on "turbo")...and every time I try to do a stability test (which max's out the CPU) it has to stop itself and crash because it hits 61C

    any one know of a good AM3+ CPU cooler?
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    I think the Hyper 212 works for both AMD and Intel processors and its very popular.

    However, it is definitely just a fact of life that if you crank up the voltage the processor will run hotter.

    Increasing voltage, however, is also one of the best ways to increase stability in general.

    If I were you, I would reset everything back to default numbers and start with just doing what I told you.

    If you turn off 3 of the modules and stress 1, it won't overheat. You can do that with each one and if it crashes during any of the stress tests you will be able to tell which of the modules is the problem child.
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