On the fence about a Card Upgrade

I am currently using a Saphire 5770 Radeon.

I am thinking about either a EVGA 560 SE

or a EVGA 460 256 bit model REFURBISHED

what to do...
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  1. those cards are only slightly faster than your current one. Its really not worth the money to upgrade to those imo.

    If you are upgrading you should look at least in the region of the 560ti or 7850 for a decent performance jump.
  2. I would consider the upgrade to those cards to small to bother.
  3. I currently play on a 1600x1050 monitor

    specs: i3 2100
    6gb of ram
    I currently play BF3 and am having trouble on 34+ player maps with a lot of action.

    I've been having a whole lot of stuttering going on.

    I guess the most money that I can spend right not is on a 6850.
  4. I think it might be your cpu. BF3 multiplayer will stutter without a quadcore cpu.
  5. So....

    Would an i5 2400 be a better upgrade choice?

    I also have an issue with slow loading times.

    Will an SSD help in that dept as well?
  6. an ssd will improve loading time but thats about all.

    the i5 2400 will give you smoother gameplay but probably will not improve your average fps much

    an upgrade to gpu will improve average fps but there could still be stutter.
  7. so...

    a cpu and gpu upgrade is in order...

    great >.<
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