New card needed advice?

I have recently developed artifacts on my pc, my friend told me of the term, basically in BIOS he showed me these blue lines at the top where it should not be. So I am currently the following specification :

400W power supply
Asus M2N68-CM motherboard says it supports DDR2 1066 AM2+ socket I think
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+ 2.7GHz
Graphics card is Nvidia GT430, not long since bought, seems to be dying or faulty

Basically I am considering getting guild wars 2, my budget at present is very limited but may be extended in a few months, I am wanting to spend just enough to get the reasonable graphics, recommended so far to get one with a lot better cooling system than the GT430 as my case is rubbish and have had to move my pc due to poor circulation, any recommendations would be appreciated, i currently only have football manager 2012 for pc gaming and am considering getting Anno 2070 in the near future.

would you consider getting a better power supply in the near future? would you consider upgrading my processor also? (these would be a longer term issue fixed once I have a graphics card)
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  1. Why not RMA the card?
  2. RMA? what is that
  3. Send the broken video card back to the manufacturer
  4. dno if i could tbh
  5. decided to get a new graphics card but as it happens changed the lead and the graphics card seems ok, it will apparently be damaged
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