Help needed regarding UPS , Cases and cooling!


I have a desktop with configuration: 1) i7 950(8M Cache, 3.06 GHz)
2) Radeon HD 5850 1 GB
3) 600W Huntkey SMPS
4) Acer 20 Inches LCD Monitor
5) 600VA/360W Zebronics UPS (monitor and cpu are connected to it)

I have some queries regarding my gig, Please try to answer the questions highlighted in Bold.

Also, note that I'm from India and I buy from my local computer complex, though its one of the biggest wholesale complex in India so many internationally reputed brands are available easily. So, suggest those brands which you think are available internationally.

I can also buy online through vendors who can send to India i.e,,, etc

1) UPS:

I am using a 600VA/360W Zebronics UPS for my desktop, its backup is very less, sometimes gives continuous some beep sound and shuts itself off, I'm not sure what could be the problem. It usually happens here at night times at 1/2 AM while gaming. It stays good for normal the rest of the day even with heavy gaming.

1Q) Im assuming some voltage fluctuations in night could be the reason? or is the UPS not powerful enough to handle?

I had my graphic card and motherboard burnt once(replaced in warranty), my SMPS burnt once, previous one was cooler master 600W, I had to buy a new SMPS.. there are like 4-5 power cuts a day normally here and UPS doesnt give enough backup to even switch off the computer.

2Q) I'm assuming my UPS isnt good enough for my gig, please suggest UPS specifications (W/VA) for my gig and a manufacturer also if you could suggest.

2) Case/Cooling:

I am using a normal iball case with 3 normal fans connected to it. My case had no more slots to keep up more fans, so I have a few doubts about it :

I usually am a hardcore gamer, playing games is my usual routine in my gig, so I'm not sure if the cooling could be sufficient enough to handle the heat.

3Q) Is it sufficient?

As I've Mentioned before, My graphic card and motherboard failure(burnt) and my SMPS burnt (It had sparks coming from it LOL) They happened in different situations in a span of 2 months. Only those parts were damaged and rest of the parts were fine in the respective incidents.

4Q)Is the overheating could be the cause of these problems?

5Q) Please suggest me a good case which has good ventilation other than the liquid cooling system types? I've seen threads here with people fitting 5-6 fans, Can someone enlighten me how its possible and casing for that?

I really cant afford dedicated cooling cases for now, I might buy it sometime in the future, but for now, I need a good replacement.

6Q) What about overclocking? If I could buy a good case with 5/6 fans fitted in it as I've mentioned before, is it good enough to handle the heat?

My desktop was running fine without any problem for 1 year and then I had 2 hardware burn incidents in matter of months. Getting problems like these in span of months is really frustating.

Regarding my budget, I'm really on budget here , can spend about 50$ for UPS and another 50$ for the whole casing and other accessories which you would recommend. I will try to stretch my budget if there are great options in like 100$ range.

I really appreciate you all trying to help in this forum. I read countless threads guiding me in several problems I've faced regarding computers, Tomshardware is such a resourceful community.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. I also came across 120mm/140mm Fans, high/low speed, any suggestions for some good bugdet ones there?
  2. You could try upgrading your PSU, huntkey does not have a good reputation as a powersupply. Try brands like corsair or antec. As for the wattage, if you dont plan to over clock, a 600 Watts powersupply will do as long as it is TRUE RATED. Brands like corsair and antec are true rated powersupplies so stick to them. NZXT cases are good cases with good airflow. I own a NZXT 410 Phantom and it has i think 6 fans, and air flow's good. I recommend them. But if youre overclocking try to buy a higher voltage of PSU and it really depends on the VGA card and processor that you'll be using. Hope i answered some of your questions
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