Trying to upgrade my very old CPU

Hey everyone, so this is my PC:

Yes, very old indeed. Basically, I got tired of having awful graphics on every game I played (only games online, I don't use this PC for any console games, so keep that in mind); so I bought a Radeon:

I also upgraded my PSU to 430w, even though the Graphics card worked with my standard 250w.

I've been using the graphics card for about 2 months now, and ever since I first installed it, mundane tasks like opening Microsoft word, and opening the internet or opening another tab, or running multiple basic programs at once, goes a lot slower than it used to.

My main questions are basically: is the slowness because the graphics card, although it does not connect to my MB, draws too much power?

Or can my CPU just not keep up with the graphics card now?

If I'm in need of a CPU upgrade, all suggestions would be greatly appreciated, since I don't really know where to start for not-up-to-date stuff (because I know I would be buying a semi-old CPU because of how old my PC and all the components are).

EDIT: Which processor of the 5 that my motherboard supports would be the best upgrade? Would there even be any benefit of buying any of them? Does my current problem even mean it is my processor?
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  1. what do you have in there right now cpu wise
  2. Whatever the original CPU was, which ought to be:
    Pentium E2180
    Intel Pentium logo
    Operating speed: Up to 2.0 GHz
    Number of cores: 2
    Socket: 775
    Bus speed: 800 MHz
    That's what it says on the site
  3. An issue with buying a machine from a computer manufacturer is usually the BIOS will not support other CPUs, despite socket - I say toss your machine, go and custom build one, perhaps a COre i3 with 8GB DDR3 1866, a MSI Z77 motherboard, a Nvidia Geforce GTX 650ti, a new hard drive + disc drives and a 500W PSU
  4. and exactly how pricey would this be? lol.
  5. Can someone still try to assess my problem? Is my *** running slow because of my processor not being able to keep up with everything now that I put in a graphics card or what?
  6. download and install the latest radeon drivers from amd.
  7. Yup, I've done that
    anything else?
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