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ok, so which do you think?
im building s new gaming rig, and already have the rest picked out (fx-4100, 16 gb 1866mhz ram, 3 samsung 830 ssd.) but i cannot decide on a gpu. should I get a hd 7850, or wait for the gtx 660/ti? my budget for graphics is about $250. Im not sure that I want to deal with amd's driver support, but nvidia cant seem to get it's gpus out very fast....
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  1. If you aren't planning on crossfire then AMD drivers shouldn't give you a problem.

    The 7850 should be a good card.

    The rest of your system could use a little revising tho. The FX4100 isn't a very good gaming cpu and the 16gh of 1866 would probably be a waste. Might do better to get 8gb of cheaper ram and probably either an i3 cpu or an phenom II x4.
  2. fx4100 is a fine gaming cpu, its everything else it struggles with
  3. I have to agree with "esrever"
    - the roughly $50 saved by getting 8GB vs 16GB should be put towards a better CPU
    - the FX-4100 isn't a great gaming CPU. It's "okay" but not when paired with a $250 graphics card.

    *I don't mind making build recommends but I'd have to know the overall hardware budget.

    However, building a gaming system is all about BALANCING the parts for the best gaming performance for the price. Simply put, 16GB + FX-4100 + $250 graphics card is out of balance.
  4. i do agree with the other posters, unless you specifically need 16gb for something 8gb is more than enough
  5. The GTX 660 may be out between June 5th-9th, 1 week away.
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