Nvidia (ECS / Elite) 520 Crashes - RMA'd - Still Does It

I have an ECS NGT520C-1GQK-F (Fermi 520 / 1GB) card that started crashing and doing the windows failure to respond lock-up scenario. Reading around I found maybe half a dozen different reasons and tried eliminating them all - different Nvidia driver versions (now using the latest - but went back to versions from a year or so ago with the same issue). Unplugged my second monitor, checked a bunch of windows settings, etc. Nothing helped. So - I put in an older Nvidia card I had laying around and my PC has been stable. Also - ran memtest and checked all my drives, and ran the intel burn test - everything else is solid. No overclocking, nothing unusual. My PS is at least 500W.

I RMAd the ECS card, and I got the replacement and it does the same thing. I put the older card in, and its rock solid again.

Is this an ECS issue? A Fermi issue? Any thoughts or advice.

M/B is an Asus M5A97 - 8GB DDR3...
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  1. Do I dump the card altogether and go with a Radeon 6450 - or is it possible I had two bad cards from ECS?
  2. It's possible. I had two bad GTX 560s from Gigabyte, I switched to Asus and everything is fine now.
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