Power supply help ! A fast reply would be appreciated

hello everyone,
before we get started here is my system in detail as of now
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 ghz
Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro
Ram: 2 Gigabytes of ddr2 RAM (Kingston).
Graphics Card: Used to be a 9600gt, buy buying a 2gb ddr3 gts 450 soon.
Current Power Supply: Cooler master 460w extreme cooling.
2 SATA HDDs, 1 is 500gb, the other is 80 gb.
Cpu cooling : Nvidia zalman 110 mm, http://www.keithrussell.net/z9700nt.jpg <-- this.

My computer worked just fine with the 9600gt but its now broken beyond repair, Im planning on buying a 2gb ddr3 gts 450, I wanna know if my power supply will be able to run the computer fine with the gts 450.
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More about power supply fast reply appreciated
  1. I think you'd be fine with your current PSU.
  2. macten said:
    I think you'd be fine with your current PSU.

    I concur.
  3. of course, even you can put hd 6850 or gtx 560ti with no trouble, so gts 450 ،shouldn't be an issue go on

    Good Luck!
  4. Yep, as the others said - no worries! :)
  5. Thanks for all your responses guys, and knowing that I can use a gtx 560ti is great because I may upgrade to a gtx 550ti if I'm not happy with the gts 450,
    Thanks again for the responses, now I can buy the card with comfort :)
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