How long will my pc last me ?

Right so i have been doing a bit of a debate in my own head about how much longer my computer will last me , and i came up with 1-2 years but i need the input of some other people as well. i play quite a few demanding games and i am currently not having any problems with them.

My specs are as follows:

i5 3450 3.1ghz
Gigabyte GA-P67-B3-UD3
6GB of ram
XfX HD6870 black edition
XFX HD6870 Normal edition
Samsung spinpoint 1tb
Hiper 880w power supply
Cooler master Centurion 5ii case

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  1. With that kind of system you can last AT LEAST 1-2 years just like you said.
  2. i'd get a 3570k cause then it'll last much longer cause overclocking, and don't get last gen GPUs buy new ones, last longer.
  3. I agree with your with what you expect if you don't already have one I would suggest an SSD for your Os and games best upgrade I ever made.
  4. Odds are that you will have upgrade fever long before the pc isnt actually able to play the games you want. LoL. I plan on gpu's about every two years, depending on release schedules.
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