Bad Monitor or Graphics Card?

So recently I got a new desktop the cool thing is it has a custom graphics card in it (not factory) its an Nvidia GeForce 8400 gs. The bad thing is that I hooked up my monitor and the colors are off its quite annoying the monitor is a Dell 1704FPV(Digital) Idk what to do its really hard to use because I do graphic design I looked around and noticed one thing interesting the monitor is not hdcp so I'm guessing my monitor can't handle my graphics card
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  1. Try hooking up to your integrated GPU the other spot on the back of your PC. It would be around where you plug your usb cables and internet cable. Or you can try a different monitor.

    But if your onboard GPU the integrated one does the same thing then it could be your monitor. So are you sure you got a new PC and for them to leave in a GPU tells me something fishy about this.

    Anyway I wish you good luck on this and try to let us know what you have tried.
  2. OK the onboard hookeups and the thing is my dads friend installed the nvidia graphics card which is what I'm hooked up trough I'm using a dvi to hdmi cable dvi plugged into monitor hdmi to back of graphics card
  3. Did you know that the DVI is the same thing as the HDMI? the only difference is the DVI can't send sound threw it. So try just a DVI cable and see what happens.

    So let me see if I get this right. Your dads friend installed the GPU because it didn't have an inegrated GPU is this correct? And as far as you know it was working before you got it correct?

    If you answered yes to both questions then the next question is when you boot up do you get anything on the monitor and what I am looking for is as soon as you push the button do you get any beeps or does it look like it is going to start windows?

    If you here the beeps how many long and how many short? If you get anything on the monitor when you first hit the switch and before it goes to the win icon hit the F8 key repeatedly untill you see a menu.

    If that doesn't work try the F2 or the delete key and remember to hit it repeatedly untill you see something. If you don't see anything after 30 seconds then stop and try another key.

    What I am trying is to get you in to safe mode that way we can check if the system even see's your GPU. If you don't see anything right after turning your rig one then we are back to square one.

    Well try all that above but for sure just use the DVI cable and not the HDMI one. It that doesn't fix it then move on to the rest. If you do have an onboard GPU then hook up to it and do the key thing but make sure you take out the graphic card first. Then we will go from there. Good luck.
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