650w or 450w?

Hi, I am getting a new PC soon, and was wondering if I should get a 450w Quiet 80 Plus Dual Rail PSU or a 650w Corsair Enthusiast Series.
Specs are:
i5 3570
Radeon HD6870
8GB RAM (2x4GB)
120GB Intel 520 Series SSD

PCSpecialist.com has told me ''We have calculated your specification to require around 416W of power including a 20% allowance.''
So should I go with the 450w or the 650w because as far as I know that the Corsair will last me longer.
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  1. 450 should be fine but if you ever wanted to sli the card then 650 would be better
  2. Get the 650w, you don't want to always be running a PSU at such high load.
  3. thanks
  4. power supply calculations always over compensate for everything. you'd be probably be using 250-350W at the most. on the contrary though because it is a dual rail design (I've looked on PCspecialist and they don't give any further info on the PSU) it won't be able to feed all of its power to the graphics card and CPU, which are the power hoggers in a PC. without any details we can't say how much you'd load the PSU, so for £40 extra I'd say go for the corsair and piece of mind, the power supply is one thing you shouldn't skimp on.
  5. thanks!
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