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Hello, everyone!

I am a first-time builder, trying to build a budget gaming computer. (Which, by the way, has been a remarkably educating experience.)

Due to overall budget, I've selected the following CPU/Motherboard combo:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-990XA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990X

CPU: AMD FX-4170 Zambezi 4.2GHz

Here's where I've run into a wall: Will the Motherboard's built-it BIOS support this CPU? The box says it's FX-unlocked, but Gigabyte's website says that I'll need to update the BIOS to run a FX-based CPU.

HELP!!! (Thank you! Suggestions for comparable parts are also welcome!)
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  1. Here's a cheaper board with all the similar features of the Gigabyte. I know that this board will run the FX cpu straight out of the need for a bios update. If you want more features you can look at the more expensive Asrock mobos

    ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ AMD 970v

    Here's an even better option...

    ASRock 990FX Extreme3 AM3+
  2. I'd even recommend the amd phenom x4 965 black edition CPU. It's cheaper and performs at the same level as the FX...sometimes faster. You also won't have to worry about the bios compatibility...not that would have to anyways with those boards I recommended...especially the last one.
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