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Hello Everyone,
I used to have linux on my computer and decided to switch to Windows 7 because I was not a fan of the linux program. When I used linux my internet worked just fine but now with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit I can't seem to connect. I know it is not the connection because the three other computers in my house connect just fine. It says the adapter can not be found and every adapter searcher out there requires you to have an internet connection to even scan so I am at a complete loss on what is going on. Please help!
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  1. Make sure you have installed the drivers for your network card. Open up Device Manager (in Control Panel), then see if there are any devices listed that have yellow or red icons next to them. If you see one next to the network adapter, then the driver is not installed properly. Go to Gigabyte's support site, find your motherboard, and download the proper driver(s) for your network card.

    If you don't have any icons next to anything, and the onboard LAN is recognized under network adapters, then open a command prompt, and use the ping command "ping 192.168.x.x" replace the "192.168.x.x" with your router's address (if you have another computer, you can use that to find out what the router's address is) and see if you can ping to the router.

    But firstly, check your network cable. Does the lights at the back of the computer at the LAN port light up ?
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