Need help with video card choice

im looking for a new video card for my comp. i have a 2006 dell xps 400. the bus, pci exspress 2.0 x16. i do minor online gaming; and im wanting to play D3, but the radeon x300 in my comp right now is unsupported. im looking at a geforce 210.this card is suported by D3, but everything i read tells me its not good for gaming. im looking to spend no more that $40 can yall help me out?

thank you
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  1. It is not good for gaming, best I can do for $40 is refurbished HD4670!
  2. if you are willing to spend more this would be best option for you
    no extra power cords...
  3. thank you guys buti still have a few questions

    is a refurb. card just as good as a new one?

    and these cards seem like more performance than im looking for.
    i just want something that will play diablo 3. it doesnt have to be
    on the best graphics. min. is fine for me
  4. also that radeon HD 7750 is a pci exspress 3.0 x16
    whats the diferance in 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0?
  5. I would not put a ver2.1 or 3.0 card in 2006 model year Dell! Many older boards had no video issues with the 2.1 cards! A refurbished card is often almost new and Visiontek looks to have a good warranty there!
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