Drivers on a new build.

I'm preparing my drivers for when I build my PC tomorrow.

What components do I need drivers for, and should I use the disk supplied or go online?
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  1. Always go online. The supplied disk may or may not have all up-to-date drivers. You need drivers for the Audio, LAN, Wireless (if applicable), Chipset, Video Card, and firmware for the SSD (if applicable).
  2. I have
    A gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H ATX motherboard
    Will I find the audio LAN and chipset drivers on the gigabyte website?

    I also have an AMD radeon HD 7850
    I've been on the website and found "Catalyst Software Suite" (Whats catalyst?) and I've also found an "auto detect and install" application.
    I will have internet connection once Windows 7 is fully updated and operational, so would using that auto detect application be best?

    I will be putting these all on a removable hard drive to make it easier, to just plug in and install.

    Sorry for how basic these questions are, I've never dealt with drivers before.
  3. Yes. And yes, use auto detect.
  4. One final question...

    On the gigabyte website, I've found my mob model number and have the driver list. There's one download for LAN and one download for audio but there is both
    Intel Management Engine Interface
    Intel INF installation
    for the chipset, I suppose I'll need both?

    And I don't need the vga driver as I have a dedicated 7850 graphics card?
  5. You will still need the video card drivers or else the game won't let you play on anything more than low settings.

    You just need the Intel INF.
  6. I mean the vga drivers for the motherboard, do I need them if I have drivers installed for my HD 7850?
  7. Nope.
  8. Alright, thanks a lot mate :)
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