Is my hdd a goner?

So my computer has been periodically freezing, more and more, to the point where even my bios tells me to replace my hard drive.

I thought "fair enough" and proceeded to back up my files to an external drive.

My computer shut down on me in the process.

I tried to start it back up, hoping it was another crash, but it gets to "starting windows" and the computer restarts. It just does and restarts.

I managed to get into startup recovery, (and at this point it was running at about 1/500th speed) and nothing worked, with an error code.


So as a last ditch effort, I ran a chkdsk and the results weren't good.

I have a seagate barracuda 750g, model 7200.12

It's about six years old.

Question is, is there anyway to recover the os or the data from this hdd? I'd really rather all of my files don't go to waste.

Thanks for any help or advice, or maybe counseling if its bad news :p

Regards, neb
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  1. you can try a dos or linux boot disk to see what it can recover. Or even windows safe mode, but once its completely dead it will be very expensive to send it out for data recovery.
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    If you can't get it to start at all (even when letting it sit for a couple of hours)...I hate to say it is probably dead. I had your exact same problem and when i replaced the hard drive everything was as good as new. If you don't know how to install a hard drive then look up some places on the web in your area and have them replace it for you (It will cost quite a bit more). If you do know here is a great deal on one: If you need 1TB here is a good one to:
    I hope this helps!
  3. This is why backups are so important in the pc world. I have your same HDD and it's around the same age, but mine is still going. Really if you can't boot into any os and recover the data, and it won't start up and it just keeps giving you error codes, the drive is dead. You could send it out for data recovery, but this costs thousands of dollars as it is meant for organizations that lost irreplaceable files. Even with data recovery there is always a chance that the people working on your drive can't extract the data.
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