1st time build plus questions

Hi everyone,
I am planning my 1st build and would appreciate any comments if you think i should swap any parts due to compatibility or performance or price issues.

I plan on gaming ( crysis 2, BF3) and work use for this machine( MS Office)

Here is what i have so far, nothng is ordered yet.

Case- CM Storm Enforcer 79.99
PSU - Corsair Pro HX650 109.99
MB - ASUS P8Z77 - V LK 139.99 no o/c maybe later
CPU - I5 3570k 229.99
Ram - G.Skill Ares 8gb ( 2x4 ) DDR3 1600 58.99
GPU - EVGA GTX670 FTW 2gb 399.99
SSD - OCZ Vertex4 128gb 119.99
HD - WD Caviar Black 1tb 109.99
OD - Sony 24x Dvd Burner 17.99

Total 1266.91 + Tax

Have i forgotten anything?

Do you recomend a tool kit as well?

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. No to a tool kit; yes to a small ssd; everything else looks ok.
  2. Good build.
    Install windows 7 on your SSD aswell as the programs / games you use the most.
    All the rest can go on your HDD. You should save your documents in your HDD, as there will be no difference for them to be in an SSD or an HDD.

    If you count on overclocking, maybe get an after market cpu cooler.
  3. You don't really need a tool kit. A screwdriver will be your main tool.

    You may want to check out this article:

    I have found it helpful over the years.
  4. Thanks everyone. 1 more question..

    I just realized the motherboard i selected does not have USB 3.0 for the front I/O panel connections available.
    I don't really want to run a cable from the front just to plug into the back.

    can you recommend a different MoBo in the same price range with similar features including the USB 3.0 connections?
    by the way. the selected MoBo i can get at MicroCenter for 79.99 after rebate. but i am willing to go up to $130.00 for a similar replacement.
  5. Disregard ^

    Dont know what i was looking at but this board does have the connectivity i was looking for.
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