Building a Gaming PC - afraid of bottlenecking or overheating

Howdy, I'm building a gaming rig for the first time but I actually know a fair amount about computer stuffs and I have picked out some parts as seen below.

But my major worry or concern is that I want to:

A. Make sure it won't overheat. (I don't have any immediate plans for OC'ing)
B. Make sure my CPU won't bottleneck my GPU.


CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz Quad core
GPU: EVGA 02G-P4-2678-KR GeForce GTX 670 2 GB

I want to be play pretty much every game out now (ARMA 2, BF3 etc.) and I also play a lot of older games too. I'm not a graphics snob but I want the games to look nice and I don't want to have to upgrade for a while. So I don't know if this is overkill or not.

Finally, is the Six-core i7 worth it? Because I REALLY don't want to spend that much but if it's a night and day difference I just might have to.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. no need for i7 when gaming go with ivy i5

    the gpu is ok the heat sink is also ok but ivy do tend to heat up allot more then sandy i would go with this gpu instead if not just go with the evga still like asus more heard they overclock nice and there silent and cool.

    go with 8gb of ram heard you dont really need more then 4 when gaming etc but most people have 8 i would go with g skill or corsair vengeance 2x4 gb @ 1600

    i don't really know much about computer just wait for more comments
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