CPU temp 88c, Core temp is 45?!

I was in side of my computer earlier today installing a pair of SSD's for setting up in a RAID 0 array and in the process of moving the cables about bumped the Hyper 212 Plus installed. didn't think to much off it at the time however sense putting everything back together and playing a few games i got worried over the unusual amount of fan noise. popped up speedfan and noticed the CPU temp had skyrocketed to 88c! the temperatures though for Cor 0 threw 4 were all perfectly normal at 45c.

At idle the two are only 12c off however under any load (minecraft on power saver) results in a large 25c difference. also of note, these two used to only be 5c off.

CPU: 2500k at stock clocks right now
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z67-V Pro

should i be worried? and would resetting the heat sink be beneficial?
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  1. That's not good at all man! Does the 212 Plus come with thermal compound? If not, what did you use?
  2. the 212 did come with some thermal paste however i have only been using Arctic Silver 5 for my heat sinks. reapplied this ones thermal past in may.
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    I would reset your heatsink right away! Definitely stop running the pc ASAP. I'm surprised that your cpu hasn't throttled or hasn't just turned the system off due to high temperatures. So what i would do if i were you, remove the hyper 212 + you have installed, clean the residual thermal compound from the heatsink and from the cpu itself. ( then reapply with the thermal compound that came with the heatsink. Or you could go with arctic silvers compound aswell ( two great products that i have used. For cleaning i use coffee filters for wiping off the old compound, and spreading out the new compound. I know this post is on the longer side, but i wanted to be as explanatory as possible. Please after trying something like this, let us know the results! :)

  4. alright, went ahead and unplugged everything (GPU, power cables, heat sink and CPU) and cleaned it all. put everything back together and now i don't even have the temperature read out that was giving me the high numbers as before.

    now the "CPU" temperature sensor just reports a constant -60c instead of giving me those high numbers. must of had a sensor that was going bad or that was broken when i bumped the cooler.
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