Will this card work in my computer DDR5 graphics card

Hi every one !
I have dell inspiron 518 intel core 2 duo 2.66 Ghz processor
2 GB DDr2 ram,300 GB sata Hard drive,inno 3d geforce 9500 gt 512 MB DDR2.
PSU Dell 300 watts.

Can i upgrade my graphics card from DDR2 to DDR5 graphics card??
Please some one tell me!!!!
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  1. Of course
  2. Are u sure ?? Dude!
  3. Yes, it will work, its just a speed difference. It won't affect your motherboard RAM.
  4. its not DDR ram its GDDR ram
  5. As I said, it won't affect anything. They are both independent systems. GDDR RAM works on it's own and will work on your system.
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