I7 2490X(ES)

Hi there,
What the hell is this i7 2490X(ES), I found out that it is an 3960x engineering sample or something like that.
What that means. And the main question is.
Someone tried O.C. it? Can't find anything at google, not at intel page, nothing.. some kinda bad ass russian forums but nothing helpful there.
I got an offer and this guy want $ 500 for this i7 2490X(ES). Is that not an cosmonaut price?
Thanks in any advice.
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  1. You can't overclock an extreme edition. No unlocked multiplier, probably no mobo support for it.
  2. He said that multipliers are unlocked. :whistle: No mobo support? What u mean with that?
  3. I own one of these, they are basically a 3960x engineering sample.

    they are good chips, mine does 5.1ghz@ 1.47v, max on phase cooling 5.6.

    no problems on a rampage iv extreme.

    the only problem is they have uncalibrated tempature sensors, stick the chip under water and you wont have to worry about the fake temps.
  4. also to add they are fully unlocked and have unlimited binnings..
  5. Ok, thanks! ;)
  6. if you can get one, I would recommend one, cheap 3960x ;)

    just one other thing I have heard that the newer bios's on rampage iv extreme have disabled es chips.

    stick to the 1404 bios and you wont have any issues ;)

    out of intrest where are you seeing this for sale? I would get another one myself..
  7. I can get one I7 2490X(ES) for $ 500. Used. That price is ok, yeh?
    Ok, thanks for that too. Will keep in mind. :)
    At one web.. He he, there's only one. :D
  8. that's a good price, I payed 550$ for mine from japan! looking for another one for my test bench.. :D
  9. He he, nope, this one will be mine. :non:
    Japan. :D
    Anyway, thanks for info. Was thinking about 3930K, but now I know what to do. ;)
  10. if you can ge a 3930k for same price, I would recommend getting that,

    but I prefer to have something special, so I choose the 2490x ;)
  11. New 3930K are out there for $ 560.
    Yeh, these 2490X not that much out there. :)
  12. little update m8.

    now stable at 5.3 @ 1.47v

    linky http://rog.asus.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=15124&stc=1&d=1355706768

    awesome chip
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