Integrated intel hd graphics 2000 dual monitor

How many video ports are available on Optiplex 990MT, Intel core I5-2500 (3..30GHZ, 6MB), with integrated Intel HD garphics 2000. Does it support dual monitor in any way?
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  1. according to intel site yes, 2500 dual moniters.
  2. I do know that if you a laptop with a output port you can extend the monitor. Ex: windows interface displayed on the laptop screen and just a wallpaper displayed on the external or vice versa. However with a desktop i am not to sure if this can be done.
    1 VGA; 1 DisplayPort

    you will need one monitor with a d-sub (vga) and another with a display port cable or adapter. though it would be advisable to contact dell and ask them if you need to enable multi monitors for the hd 2000 in the bios.
  4. It supports dual monitors. However, I strongly advice you against buying it. It's way too overpriced - you can get a better system for 35% less money.
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