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Do ddr3 motherboards support gddr5 video cards

Do ddr3 Motherboards Support gddr5 video cards
Just building a computer so i want to no what motherboard to get
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    Absolutely. :)

    And just to clear it up a bit, GDDR5 is VRAM on GPU's only and completely independent of system RAM.
  2. DDR3 is highest RAM you can get for your motherboard. It is separate from the GDDR5 RAM of the video cards. Your video card will work regardless. It depends if the graphics card has PCI-E 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0. You just have to find the motherboard that has PCI-E slots and most of them have it.
  3. +1 ^, DDR3 is currently maximum RAM available, there is no GDDR5 RAM technology so a motherboard with DDR2 could support a GDDR5 graphics easily, "G" stand for (GRAPHICS) and DDR (dual data rate) so there is no combination between GDDR5 vs DDR3 they are entirely different from each other.
    GDDR5 is used for graphics card
    DDR,DD2 and DDR3 is used for RAM.
    You're good to go.
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