Corsair H100 push or pull with other fans?

Hello, I bought a corsair h100 and I am debating on if i should pull in cool air, or push hot air out. The other fans that I have are a 120mm fan in the back and a 120mm fan on the window of the case which is blowing right onto my HIS HD 6790.

If you could tell me what fans could do what, that would be awesome. :) Thank you.
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  1. This depends on your case.

    If possible, the best setup would be to place the radiator and fans as an intake in the front of the case. This way, it pulls in cool air which then passes over the radiator. This helps keep the liquid a few degrees cooler as it is pumped into the heatsink. This all depends on your room temperature as well.
  2. Push.
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