Suggestions on why my HDD is constantly accessing

I have a Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe and a 1tb 7200 drive. I thought the 1tb drive was constantly accessing so I unplugged it only to find that it's the SSD.

I did some googling and from that made sure that Indexing and Superfetch are both off which they already were. I also ran a virus scan with ESET and installed Malwarebytes and both turned up nothing. I also did a Diskcheck and nothing came up as bad.

I built this computer about 2 months ago and it just started doing it recently.

Any other things I could check? Is this a posible sign the drive is bad?

The funny thing is it almost sounds like a regular drive when the light is flashing; that's why I thought it was the 1tb drive. You know when you can here the arm moving back and forth.
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  1. OK scratch the noise part, I narrowed that down to my Hyper 22 EVO fan had a little rattle to it.

    It still seems as though the HDD light flashes a lot more than it should and come to think of it, it seems like my system has slowed a little. Especially on boot up.
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