Does the radeon hd 6850 need one or two power plugs

I have purchasing two 6850 Graphics cards but connot get any display out of them. I have tried them in two different systems and in a system that was running on a different card. I installed the drivers pryer to installing the hardware but cannot get any display out not even the Bios. Any idea, or what could I be doing wrong?
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  1. Whats the PSU?

    Most 6850s need one, but I've seen a few that need two.
  2. Depends on the make/model whether or not they require one or two power plugs. If there are two receptacles, they require two.

    If you've plugged the power supply in and you can't even see a POST or get to a visible BIOS screen and these are the only two new things you're putting in your system, there's likely a problem with at least one of them. Try one card at a time. Does one work and not the other? Do they both work independently? Is neither working?
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