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Need help building music recording pc(Guitar and Drums)

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July 23, 2012 1:40:32 AM

I'm slightly new to pc building and only know about gaming builds, not recording music.

My friend is a musician (guitar, bass and soon an electric drumset, and maybe vocals) and wants me to build him a pc he can use as a media pc, but mostly for recording/mixing music.

He's on a slight budget, but he always finds a way to get money when it comes to music. Absolute MAX budget is around 500$ (give or take 20$ bucks)

He wants to be able to record using his Hughes and Ketner head, and not just plugging straight into his pc.

Anyone got any hardware ideas? I've been told that recording PC's take a lot of RAM and a nice sound card, and the rest doesn't matter as much. Is this true?

Hardware links (preferably newegg) would be nice. That includes stuff like mics and good software.

His setup: Jackson RR3 Crimson Swirl Rhoads and Jackson Kelly. Idk what kind but both have active EMG. Hughes Ketner Vortex Head.

Thanks for your time.

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July 23, 2012 3:28:01 AM

There's quite a bit of information needed to even consider before making suggestions, so here goes...

First, what mixing board does he use, or is that part of what needs to be purchased?

If he doesn't have a mixing board, and just plugs directly into an amp, what features does he want in a board?

An example would be the ability to attach to a laptop (when on the road) to record directly from the mixer, like this one...

Once the mixer is finalized, then we can talk about what the computer needs to have, to do what he wants. The real question he will have to answer is - what quality is he willing to compromise for? More quality equals better products which equals more money.
July 23, 2012 4:03:04 AM

I think you're right about the main things being RAM/Sound Card. But a SSD can help as well if the mixes are complex. Or at least 7200 SATA2 HDD'S. I have nothing good to say about the M-Audio 10/10 line up. I got angry last year and literally tore that thing out of my machine, then smashed it on the concrete. I've been eye balling a E-MU one as of the late. Get 16GB ram as its really cheap these days. An i3 will do the job but if possible the i5's will be future proof for a lot of hard core new plugins that will come out.