Help please Fast reply trying to help a friend

Right my friend Just got built a New gaming pc, When he starts up his computer its a Black screen. I tried to take out some ram, then take out on of the graphics card we are talking on skype Im from UK and he is in Norway so its kinda hard please Help


Asus GTX560 Ti sli
Asus sabour tooth motherboard
16gb ram Corsair Vengeance
AMD 8150
850 watt power supply
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  1. Hello.

    First of all, tell him to try booting up as empty computer as possible. Only CPU, 1 stick of RAM, motherboard and Power supply. Take out both graphics cards, hard drive, dvd drive, etc. He should be able to get to BIOS. If that doesn't work, it means that one of either components is faulty.

    He can try different stick of RAM, and if that doesn't work, it must either be faulty Motherboard, CPU or power supply. He could try another power supply if he has another PC. That would check the power supply and leave the possibility of being faulty to motherboard and CPU only.

    If it does work, he should then try booting up with all sticks of ram. When that's done, connect hard drive. After hard drive is in (and it's working), connect DVD drive. If it works with DVD drive, try one card at a time.

    With that, he should be able to determine which part does not work.
  2. How can He take out the graphics card there will be know other way to get a picture ?
  3. hello i have that mb. first off have your friend use the usb flash back tool and load the two bios is for new cpu code the other is for ram updates for the mb. if the system wont post after the updates have him look to see if any of the led are red. there one for the cpu and one for the ram and one for the video card. if it the ram one that ram have him press the ram ok button and see if it posts. if it wont have him use one dimm in any of the slots.
  4. Curtis2400 said:
    How can He take out the graphics card there will be know other way to get a picture ?

    My bad I thought that motherboard had a video output. Anyway, try making it work with Motherboard, CPU, 1 graphics card, 1 stick of RAM and a power supply. Nothing else.
  5. Yeah We got it working, But heres the thing he cant boot up with his Samsung TV but he can with his Monitor why is it doing that so strange..... If you got anything would be Nice :)
  6. check that he using a good hdmi cable and that no of the pins are bent if he trying to boot from the mb. also if he have a video card the onboard hdmi will be turned off unless you turn in on in the bios and make it the first boot device. on the tv check that he using the right input. some time video adaptores dont work. also see what the max input is for the tv. if the video is set to high you may get a blank screen.
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