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Hey guys. Please be kind to check to see if the parts are not faulty or bad and also if they are compatible with one another. Feel free to add some suggestions as well. Sorry for posting so many times, I'm just worried :na: . First time builder.

The parts are:

Everything in here:

Acer H274HLBMID Black 27" Monitor - 279.99

Medialink Wireless N Adapter - 19.99

Thanks guys. Also you guys can tell me deals and where to get cheaper parts.

I changed the motherboard to an ASUS P8Z77-V Lk. Let me know if that's a problem or if I should keep the regular Asus motherboard.
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  1. At this time, I think that the i5-3570K/Z77 provides better value.

  2. Yeah I know that but it's too late now I already purchased a i5 2500k from Microcenter. My mistake. Maybe it's first time builder's error :P.
  3. Keep the ASUS. They're a bigger name compared to ASRock. It's like buying Walmart brand chips when you could get Lays. All my ASUS mobos have worked. My one ASRock didn't. Very great build overall though!
  4. 1: kingston ram is a no-go. 1.65v is bad for intel chips. go to newegg and pick up a set of gskill ares 1600mhz 8gb kit. find the color that you want (or the one that matches blue theme)

    2: power supply is a no-go. get a pc & power cooling Mk2 750w from ncix. they are selling it for 59.99 after 20 dollar MIR

    3: the case can use a boost. id get a antec 302 since it is a great case and has USB3
  5. no-go on the monitor. getting a big monitor means that you lose pixel density. i rather buy a 21.5inch monitor and get more clarity. id suggest a asus vs228h-p

    for the wifi card, just buy a PCI based one from newegg instead of those usb sicks
  6. got any pci suggestions?
    Oh yea and why isn't the PSU good? They have a good review on
    Also what's wrong with the Rosewill Challanger case? It's tomshardware choice on newegg and it's a mid tower like the antec three hundred two.
  7. The thing is not that it isn't good, but there are cheaper PSUs that are better price/performance.
  8. I found a new monitor. How's this?
    Viewsonic 24 inches 1920x1080
  9. It's OK, but 24" has pretty low pixel density. 23" would be better suited.
  10. azeem want to help me on suggestions or should I get the one that BigTroll reccommended?
  11. If you want my honest opinion, I will say this.
    Most TN Panels, like the one TheBigTroll mentioned, are the same. PPI comes into play, though, but you can't really go wrong with any of the selections.
  12. So how would you get a good pixel density on bigger inch monitors?
  13. The only way is increasing the resolution. 1200p at 24" has pretty good PPI, but Idk of any at 1200p. Just go with a 23" ASUS LED.
  14. It works fine. Like I said, most of those monitors are all the same. :)
  15. Alrighty thanks Azeem. By the way, should I get the PC Power and Cooling 750w that BigTroll reccommended or is my PSU okay? Also is the Challanger case good enough to fit all my parts? :D
  16. If you don't CF/SLI, yours will be fine.
  17. i assumed that you will crossfire in the future so i suggested a 750w psu. it is pretty high quality and selling at a great price. only draw back is that it isnt modular and cabling will be a bit harder. that is why i chose the antec 302 since it has well over a inch of space in the back for all the extra cables
  18. Ahh that explains. I'll think about that. Not a bad suggestion.
  19. @TheBigTroll I found this new PSU that's 700w and it's $49.98 on NCIX. Do you think this is a good enough PSU for future overclocking and SLI/Crossfire? Your PC Power and Cooling is no longer $59.99.
  20. nope dont even think about OCZ psu s espically that model

    here is the link to the PC and power cooling one
  21. Oh lol I was looking at the wrong PC Power and Cooling. Thanks for the link. You got anymore suggestions? I switched the ram, motherboard, psu, and case. I want to really make sure before I order.

    The PSU is sold out...
  22. wait till wendsday. they have their sale every wendsday and it usually involves that particular unit
  23. Then get the TX750 V2 for $100.
  24. pc and power cooling is a bit better. made by seasonic i think....
  25. The TX series PSUs are also made by Seasonic.
  26. I found 2 new cases. Which one do you guys think I should get?
    Antec 302- 59.98 (original)

    Zalman Z9 Plus 49.98 after mail in rebate

    Coolermaster haf 912 55.66 after instant rebate
  27. are you sure that the tx v2 series are made by seasonic and not CWT? i know that the first gen ones were. i get pretty confused with the corsair tx series

    the mk2 is a bit more efficent as well.
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