Power supply for 3570k, extreme4, gtx 470 sli (and the future)?

I'm building my first computer in a long time, and I'm wondering which PSU I should purchase. I was initially thinking that I should purchase a psu with a wattage over what I would use for the gtx 470 sli (for whatever gpus I buy in the future), but it seems that new gpus need less and less power and are more and more efficient.

I do plan on overclocking to ~4.3 with my hyper 212, so I'd like decent voltage regulation, but it seems that the highly regarded corsairs and seasonics are just so damn expensive - I don't feel like spending half the money on a build on the psu.

Any hints on a good psu for me?

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  1. That's a good deal on the pc power & cooling psu too. Both are good quality psu at great prices.
  2. Both PSUs recommended above are not modular, you're gonna suffer a bit with the cable management. You don't need more than a 750W PSU

    And you gotta pay for quality PSUs.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, but I was hoping to pay less than that.

    For a non-modular PSU I could just get this:
    And that's 900 watt Antec for less than 100.
  4. Well i didn't know you had a microcenter near by, but that psu won't be better than those 2, it has the same amps.
    You won't find any cheaper than those suggested, only if you want raidmax or crappy brands alike that will shutdow or throttle the system.
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    Don't buy that Antec. I have had a few people coming through here and know others with Antec power supplies that have multi 12v rails and have nothing but issues with their rigs.. If you want a good Power Supply don't see how cheap you can go.. Actually a power supply is like your computer insurance policy. The better the power supply is the better your rig is powered or holds up.

    and if you want a better quality here is a better one:

    and you can get a 10$ mail in rebate for it so itd be 110.
  6. Just get this:

    Rosewill HIVE 750W

    It's modular and only $90
  7. for the money Rosewill is good
  8. Well SLI 470 needs ~400W


    ~400W GPU
    ~16W Ram
    ~77W CPU
    ~15W Hdd
    ~25W DVD


    So add some oc and the 650W will suffice you.

    Lets say you go crazy :P and add another 470

    That will need ~580W (3x)

    533+180=713W A good 750 W will suffice you.

    XFX 650W Pro Core delivering up to 815W if you want only 2 way.

    XFX 750 W Pro Core delivering up to 930W if you want 3 way.

    IMO that 650W would do the job.

    Golden Award !
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  10. I ended up for getting the seasonic x-850 for ~117 with shipping and tax.

    Thanks for all the info everyone!
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