Asus GTX 670 DirectCUII?

I was wondering, plain and simple, does the Asus GTX 670 DirectCUII have the backplate like on the TOP Edition? I can get the GTX 670 for little over £320 and I don't see the point in spending another £30 for a simple OC.
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  1. And...

    It seems they're identical, except for the OC.


    EDIT: Argh, fail... I haven't found any video with the DCII alone 8(
  2. Yeah It seems to be they both have that sweet backplate, yeah you're right I think its just the OC. I don't think I'l spend £30 on an OC lol. I was going to get the Gigabyte OC windforce because it was going for £319 but its back up to £349.99 :(
  3. Well, if you ask me... I'd go with the DCII over the Gigabyte any day, just because of the amazing cooling it has.

    Tell us how it goes, mate!

  4. Thats good!:)
    Ok will do thanks mate!
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