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I'm building a new computer

Hi all,

Well, I guess I wanted some suggestions on products you would recommend that would suite my needs. I'm trying to build a new desktop/workstation. It will be used only for processing 3d data, Arc GIS mapping(Arc Scene), proccesing point cloud data from LIDAR scans and Adobe Programs. I bought an AMD 8150 w/an Asus M5A99X board. I couldn't be more disapointed. My laptop beats this new AMD chipset and my laptop is only a sandybridge i-5 2410 with intel 3000 graphics. . . . Granted, I know the software I'm using can't use all 8 cores on the AMD chip. . . But this is where your suggestions are needed? What the heck do I need to buy. I have 32gb of 1800mhz ram, 2x480gb SSD sandisk extremes, and can pretty much afford anything you tell me I need.

Don't ask me why i bought AMD because I've been fond of Intel for years, but I read a lot of great things about the 8150 and now I'm probably going to use it as a paper weight. Oh, and my graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 650, but I'm probably going to upgrade to an AMD w7000 workstation card in a week or so, but from what I read my M5A99X won't work with a w7000. So, please be kind a throw me some suggestions. I'm really not interested in building a render farm because I'm a student and don't know if I'm going to be doing this the rest of my life.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Well, actually I just ran CPU-Z and it's saying that my GTX 650ti's memory size is 0 Mbtyes... ? is that right?
  2. One would be to upgrade the the 8350.
    the 2nd would be to check your gfx drivers or download GPUZ and see what that says.
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    Wait, even on single core a 8150 should beat a 2410m and the 650 should kick the hd3000's butt.,3328-9.html
    The 8150 is close to the 2550k which is significantly faster than the 2410m
    There might some issues with your drivers as mentioned above.

    Do you have more info as to where you found the info about the w7000 incompatbility with the ASUS board because this is the first I have heard of it. I am building a workstation right now for a friend that news sort of worries me
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