Video card for slimline case to play Diablo3

Hello everyone,
I'm definitely a novice at computer building, and not an extreme gamer. D3 is the first game I have purchased since D2 and Command and Conquer were new.

My question is: I have a HP slimline desktop with integrated graphics (GMX4500). What video card should I get to run D3 smoothly that will fit in a slimline case?? (ie low profile video card). I don't need the super high end stuff as D3 will be the most advanced game I play for well past the life of this computer.

Thanks in advance for your help.

My computer details:
HP s5-1010
Intel GMX4500 integrated graphics
e6700 Processor
750GB HD
Windows 7
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  1. The most powerful low profile video card are the Ati hd6450, Nvida GT430 and GT520. All around $50 less MIR.
  2. Will any of those cards play Diablo 3, and if so will they work with the stock PSU? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Sorry dude, you are out of luck. You power supply is 220W. The Nvidia gt 430 and the GT520 each require a minimum 300W power supply and the ATI HD 6450 requires a minimum 400W.
    Your best bet is to build a new PC for diablo 3. Decent ones can be had for around $600.
  4. Well, crap. Not what I was hoping to hear. I have an old computer here in my office, I guess I could gut it and use the case to build a new computer. Thanks for the input. I'm still open to any suggestions of how to make this work with my HP slimline computer. I really don't want to build a new computer for one game. sigh....
  5. I would get a AMD HD6670 DDR5 for around $90.00, but i also listed a few cheaper models that will work well depending on your budget.

    Or the much faster HD6670 DDR5 for 90.

    Or a AMD HD6670 DDR3 for around $80.

    6570 for around $55.00

    These cards even include the low pro brackets.
  6. I would not get to caught up in the PSU. That core 2 and board will never use more than like 125 watts.

    The 6670 i suggested is 66 watt part so that puts your total draw at around 190. You should be fine.
  7. Its funny that newegg and the other online sites list the 6450 as needing a 400 watt psu when it only draws 18 watts.....
    But then the HD6770 also calls for a 400 watt psu and it draws 108 watts. That a big difference, I think those websites list 400 watts as the min for all of the base model 6000 series.
  8. bucknutty said:
    I would not get to caught up in the PSU. That core 2 and board will never use more than like 125 watts.

    The 6670 i suggested is 66 watt part so that puts your total draw at around 190. You should be fine.

    No, he most likely would not be fine. Unless he wants to waste money. A 220W power supply is woefully inadequate. Note that there are no specs for the power supply that I can find online (is it 220W of continuous power or maximum power? At was temperature is the wattage guaranteed at?). If he wants to roll the dice, then fine, however, I get the impression that he is tight for cash, which means that he doesn't have the money to throw away on a system that does not even meet the minimum specs for a low power video card.

    The best specs for his PC (and power supply) that I can find are here:
  9. The money is not the issue. I just really don't want to spend $600 to build a new computer for ONE game. Like I said in the original post, I'm not much of a gamer, I just really enjoyed the first two Diablos and figured I would like the 3rd one as well. I bought the game, and now this stinkin thing doesn't work becuase of my integrated video card. I can buy a new card no problem, I was just trying to avoid spending hundreds of dollars for a new computer for a $60 game, when my current computer is only a year old and works perfectly for 99% of what I do.

    Any help or recommendation is always appreciated. Thank you all for the feedback and I'm still listening to find out how to make this work. :)
  10. HP states it’s a 220 PSU. I can’t say if that’s max draw or continuous, but chances are its continuous, keep in mind HP is selling a PC not a PSU, why would they list a hypothetical max draw? People get too caught up in PSU max output, probably because sites like Newegg publish that you need a 400 watt psu for an 18 watt video card. So they can sell fancy high end PSUs to people that don’t need them.

    The e6700 is a 65watt CPU. There were 3 gpu options suggested the HD6450 18 watts the 6570 which draws 44 watts or the 6670 that draws 66 watts.

    My point is a 65 watt cpu does not draw 220 watts. Once you add in the mother board say 10 watts and the HD 10 watts, some ram and so on, you will never get above 100-125 watts. There is still plenty of room for any of those 3 cards.

    If you would like to be sure I suggest getting a Kil-a-watt from home depot or walmart for around $15. This is a very easy to use and fun tool to see how much energy an appliance draws from the wall. Plug this in to you wall outlet and then the computer into it. Then play with the computer, take note of the highest draw the kil-a-watt pulls from the wall. Chances are it will be around 100watts. Then you know you have lots of room.

    I personally would go for the 6670 and would have a great time killing the Butcher on medium to highish settings. However the lighter 6450 will work too. Maybe on lowish to medium.
  11. Thanks bucknutty!! It really amazes me the amount of information and expertise on forums. People like you really make a difference helping us "clueless" people out. I read a lot of reviews on the 6670 with people running 220w PSUs and so far (knock on wood) they say they are running fine. That's including programs like World of Warcraft, Diablo3, etc.

    I think I'll go with the 6670. $90 isn't bad at all and they have a mail in rebate to bring it down to 74.99 too!

    Wish me luck!
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