AM3 Chips Are Compatible with AM3+?

I read on a tomshardware forum post that an AM3 chip such as the Phenom 965 is compatible with AM3+. I just wanted to confirm this becase AM3 is a dead socket and was wondering if I could just get an AM3+ board and be happy for the next year or two.
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    AM3+ is backward compatible with the AM3.
  2. What about the other way around? ^^
  3. What a board am3 is not compatible with bulldozer cpus or piledriver ones.
    You said you want a mobo am3+ to go with your 965 be, so it will be compatible with that cpu and ready for any of the recent amd cpus.
  4. Oh, the first guy meant am3+ BOARDS are compatible with AMD CHIPS, I feel stupid, thanks
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