Sound card issue

Hello folks.

This is the sound card I have

I have downloaded and installed the drivers from there but it seems that it still isn't working.

It is functioning at all while I plugin the speakers to it. And, when I plugin the speakers to the normal pins it works but partially, the output sound is coming only from 2 (out of 5) speakers.

I tried to update driver but this is what I get when I do that

Help, please?
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  1. Link is dead :p

    Anyway as a first resort can you check that the cards pins are all making contact? I know it sounds like I am playing dumb, but I have experienced this problem myself.

    I had a card that I tried to diagnose for 2 days before i noticed 2 pins weren't ALL the way in there and it caused the entire card not to function properly
  2. Oops, my bad. Here's a screenshot :

    You mean the pins of the speaker fitting in correctly into the slots of the sound card with proper contanct?
  3. I'm so sorry it took so long to reply, I'm having issues with my personal computer AND my iPad...

    But I mean the pins at the bottom of the card getting all the way into the motherboard
  4. It's okay, on problemo :)
    And yeah, I made sure that pins pins at the bottom of the card getting all the way into the motherboard.
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