Windows 7 call of duty issues

Hey I was wondering if anyone here could help me. My friend and I like to play the Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies Co-op game. We've played together 100s of times and never had any problems until recently. Whenever we join each others games, we get a ping close to 999 with basically 100% packetloss and its unplayable. Also when we try to ping each others IP address it times out. This has never been the case before. 2 things have changed since we last played without problems.

1. I changed from Windows Vista to Windows 7.
2. I got a new router (however, I have tried plugging directly into modem and we still have the same issue.
So the culprit seems to be windows 7. Why, when directly connected to modem is my IP unpingable?

any ideas on why win7 would do this? ive allowed everything through the windows firewall.

im frustrated
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  1. were not on lan and we both have legit cd-keys

    thats not the problem
  2. wt? did u guys even read my post?
  3. netgear wdr3300

    but as i said, we cant connect even when i go directly into the modem, disconnecting the router
  4. i appreciate the effort but u guys arent helping

    he has VISTA i have 7

    xp not a choice here
  5. no my pc is compatible with cod lol i get 250 fps in game and ive run it a million times
  6. please just go back and read my post again


    but since i got windows 7 we cant really connect to each other whether i host or he does
  7. the game RUNS JUST FINE

    just the co-op ONLINE part doesnt work WITH THIS PERSON
  8. no im not banned, i just said i get 250 fps i dont need to run dx9 performance is fine

    its a co-op game, basically a locally hosted game
  9. its world at war not mw2

    and the co-op part( i guess u guys never played this) is locally hosting only, only choices are he hosts or i host, and it WORKED FINE in the past, just wont let us play since i got win7
  10. check your workgroups and that network discovery etc... is on. these guys are morons.
  11. i didn't see your suggestion fixing anything
  12. also a shot in the dark...subnets and subdomains can cause stupid issues like that too. just a thought.
  13. I suggest you check your firewall settings and ports just in case.
  14. Hi, as eagles said, sub-net mask is a major issue in World at war, has always been.

    I saw you mentioned that you could not ping eachother, this seems to point to a firewall issue.
    Maybe the firewall exception wasn't added correctly for the game, easiest way to test this is to disable your firewall and try a game(risky i know).

    Also have you checked you new routers firewall settings?
  15. ok heres something i tried that seemed to work (but dont know if it was a coincidence)

    i got rid of the static ip on the network for my comp and went with dynamic and we were able to play just fine

    but im wondering if maybe we were just experiencing wierd routing issues?

    because that would not explain how we were still not able to play when i bypassed the router and plugged str8 into the modem
  16. could it have just been messed up internet routing for a day? some kinda crap down somewhere? cuz now i set it back to static ip and its working too
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