Corsair Carbide 300R vs HAF 912?

Hey, I'm building a desktop with the following parts~

-GTX 670 FTW
-8gb G skill Ripjaws
-1TB Seagate Barracuda
-Gigabyte B75 D3H
-Seasonic 620W PSU

The HAF 912 is roughly $90 while the 300R is roughly $80. I don't live in the US, which is why the prices are kinda off.

Also any suggestions or opinions on the build would be greatly appreciated. I know the motherboard I've chosen doesn't really allow for much CPU overclocking, but I don't really plan to OC the CPU. There was only around a 10$ difference between the 3570 and 3570K, so I chose the K version just to have the option.
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  1. Still you could get the z77 board and latter on if you want to do oc, you can do it, the asrock brand has some cheaper but good z77 mobos like the pro3, pro4 or extreme 3.
    For cases i'd go for the corsair 300r or 400r if available.
    Or Fractal Design Define R4 /arc midi
  2. Thanks, I'll look into some Z77 motherboards. The 400R is out of stock atm, and I'm not sure if it's worth waiting potentially another month or so for a more expensive case. The 400R is around 105$, do you think it's worth waiting for it to come back into stock or should I get the 300R or HAF?
  3. The 912 is a superior case in every way!
  4. How so?
  5. Size, airflow, cable management, etc.
  6. HAF 912 without a doubt...amazing cable management,supports large gpus,looks gorgeous
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