What games can i play?

Looks guys i have recently join your forums and recently bought a PC that i think i can afford and i wanted to know that which games i can play!!!! My system specs are the following!!!

Pentium 4 2.9Ghz processor :cry:
1GB of RAM (i know not enough) :cry:
256Mb of Graphic card (ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro) :cry:
112GB of Hard disk :cry:
Windows 7 Ultimate :cry:

That's my Pc Specs!!!!
Thanks in advance!!!!
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  1. None besides Runescape. :/
  2. Farmville might run on it.
  3. It suppose to be able to play the games from year 2002 or before but then again, with win 7, it would be impossible since you have only 1GB of ram.

    2D games shouldn't be a problem for you.
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