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HWMonitor Core Temps 20c less than RealTemp

I just put together a new i3-3225 build, loaded up HWMonitor 1.21 and it's showing core temps of around 10c, while the Package temp is around 30c. So, I loaded both RealTemp 3.7 and CoreTemp 1.0 RC4, and both show the cores around 30c. I'm running all 3 side by side, and the HWMonitor core temps are almost exactly 20c lower.

I thought HWMonitor read the same sensors aS RealTemp and CoreTemp? Any ideas what's happening?

Core i3-3225
ASRock H77-ITX
Win8 Release Preview
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    For accurate temperature reporting, all programs need to be using the same TJ Max value. This value represents the peak core temperature before the CPU will start throttling. This information is contained within a register of all Core i CPUs that all monitoring software is supposed to read.

    Have a look in the HWMonitorw.ini configuration file and make sure it is using the same value that RealTemp and Core Temp are using.

    You can also delete this configuration file and then when you run HWMonitor, it should re-sample your CPU and recreate a new configuration file with the correct TJ Max value.

    There is also a new version of RealTemp out that reads the CPU package temperature as well as a few more details from the Intel 3rd Generation CPUs.

    RealTemp T|I Edition
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  3. The HWmonitor.ini was the answer. The TJ Max was set to 85. I reset it to 105, same as RealTemp and Core Temp, and it now shows the same temp. Thanks for the insight!
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