PC is beeping

Hi, I just want to try and figure this out.

Mobo: ga-ma78lmt-s2
CPU:AMD Athlon X4 645
PSU: Corsair Builder v600 series
GPU: Radeon HD (gigabyte windforce) 6850
Cooler:Artic Cooling Freezer pro 13
Case: Antiquated/old
Ram: Mushkin 4GB

Now I've upgraded my CPU cooler because temps were reaching 70+ on gaming sessions - Still beeping
Changed GPU from 6670 to 6850 - Still beeping
Upgraded PSU from low-end 500w to corsair

I can't figure out what's left to check... I checked the owners manual for the GPU and the "long continuous beep"denotes that the GPU isn't seated properly... but if that was the case it wouldn't only happen when i'm gaming for periods of time no?

My last thing to "upgrade" would be the Case, it's an old PC case with no side vents or vents at all....which I think may be the issue... but i'm not 100% sure nor do I know any case that will fit what my board has that's affordable atm (I have like 8 usb ports)
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  1. Any of you fans failing to spin up correctly, the BIOS will make the system beep if the monitoring sensors detect a fan below about 700rpm.
  2. I Don't think so....how would i check?
  3. In the bios, check fan speed and while you're in there check the cpu temperature alert threshold, Setting this too low would do the same thing.
  4. so if one is sitting at 0 then it's a problem? and i changed my cpu temp alert from 70c to 80c
  5. system fan speed is 0....which fan is that?
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